Light Arrow Trailer


Clearly visible in the right direction by work zones!

In order to properly control traffic during road works and / or calamities on motorways or federal roads Traffic Safety Systems developed Light Arrow Warning Trailers. These trailers are easy to operate, easy to maintain and approved of by the Dutch Road Authorities. The lane closing light arrow trailers are extremely well-balanced enabling them to lift or lower their arrow windows at speeds as high as 90 km/hour. A revolvable and clearly visible lit up arrow indicates the direction to be followed. It is also possible to mount an energy saving matrix arrow in the action window enabling the vehicle to be used as a dispel - and junction trailer. Hydraulic support legs are connected to corners of the chassis to ensure optimal stability. As a power source our light arrow trailers can be equipped with either a sound friendly diesel generator with automatic start / stop features or environment friendly solar panels. The VMS Trailer is operated from a control panel at the front. This can be locked increasing security. This product is also available with various other accessories like an hydraulic nose-wheel, remote-control, start / stop feature on the diesel generator, rumble strips etc.

For further information don't hesitate and call us. Traffic Safety Systems is reachable by phone at +31 55 20 80 010 or by email [email protected]<