Truck Mounted Attenuators

Truck Mounted Attenuator 100K
✓ Modular design
✓ Acc. NCHRP350
✓ Best performance
Truck Mounted Attenuators 110K
✓ Modular design
✓ MASH tested
✓ Redirective
Container Truck Mounted Attenuator
✓ Very flexible
✓ Modular design
✓ Multifunctional use

Impact Attenuator - Crash Cushions

To work safely on or along the road, our Truck Mounted Attenuators are used every day. The TMA is placed at the beginning of a construction zone / roadblock to guarantee the safety of road workers and road users. An impact attenuator is often mounted at the rear of a truck to meet the minimum mass of 9000 Kg. for the proper functioning of the crash cushion. Our Truck Mounted Attenuators have a completely modular construction, so that damaged parts can be replaced quickly and easily in the event of an unexpected collision. Of course, our Truck Mounted Attenuators have been fully and successfully tested according to the American standards NCHRP350 and MASH and comply with the C.R.O.W. Guidelines 96a and 96b.

Modular design

We have built this impact absorber completely modular, so that damaged parts can be replaced quickly and easily in the event of an unexpected collision. The scorpion crash cushion with its unique design is also completely modular. In the event of a minor collision with the crash cushion, parts can often be replaced, which reduces the costs of damage repair. All parts are in stock and available separately. Minor damage can also be replaced by the customer himself. A ring or spanner is often sufficient to replace parts.

According to CROW Guidelines 96a and 96b 2020

These Truck Mounted Attenuators have been tested full scale according to the American standards NCHRP 350 TL3 and MASH TL3 (Manual Assessing Safety Hardware). With this we amply comply with the new C.R.O.W. Guidelines 96a and 96b 2020. Traffic Safety Systems is certified for the manufacture, assembly and repair of impact absorber systems. Traffic Safety Systems has crash cushions in stock so that you can resume your work almost immediately in the event of damage.

Make your TMA complete

We would like to inform you about the different versions and the various options that are available, such as LED beam lighting, LED work lighting, transmitter control, 4-point seat belts, drimote radiographic control truck / crash absorber, rumble strip [ick & place machine, etc. We also build custom Truck Mounted Attenuators. We can also advise you on the installation of our crash cushions on, for example, heavy-duty trailers (9000 kg), tractors, suction sweepers, semi-trailers, etc.

Are you interested? Or do you have any questions about our impact absorbers? Please feel free to contact us.