Pre warning trailers

High Level Overhead VMS Trailer
  • Quickly deployable
  • Full hydraulic
  • Online manage
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Hydraulic and Manual Traffic Warning Trailers for Motorways and Federal Roads

Traffic Safety Systems developed  multi-functional hydraulic and manual warning trailers to assist during repairs on motorways, non motorways and roads within build up areas. These hydraulic warning trailers are easy to operate, easy to maintain and are certified by the Dutch Department of Transport. Our warning trailers can be used while in motion as well as in stationary position. All functions are centrally controlled from the control panel at the front of the vehicle. This can be locked making sure no unauthorized personal has access to it. On the action window energy-saving LED lamps are positioned. Several road-signs (or road-sign combinations) can be mounted within the red/white border, this enables multi-functional operations. The trailer comes with a large storage area in which materials like traffic cones, traffic signs, poles, and boards can be stored. Several accessories like an hydraulic noose wheel, remote control, rumble strips and folding boards are also available.

Suitable for pre-warning, traffic information & parking guidance

Overhead (Pre) Warning VMS-Trailers provide with the best and most energy efficient full colour Variable Message Signs in the world. This overhead VMS warning trailer is developed for long distance advanced warning and contributes to increase road-safety. The Variable Message Signs meet the requirements of the European Norm NEN-EN12966-1:2005+A1:2009. Our Overhead VMS Trailers can be followed (GPS), controlled and monitored remotely with our Internet application VMS Fleet Control. Overhead VMS Trailers can also be used for commercial purposes. Ask us about the possibilities. 

Technical specifications:

Chassis made of steel
Drawbar easy adjustable in height for use with cars (balloint hitch) and trucks (DIN-hitch)
Battery box stainless steel
Charging device incl. box made of stainless steel
Large loading space
Hydraulic raise/ lowering of the VMS 
Underride protection with integrated lights
Control panel on the trailer
2 pcs. LED pre-warning lamps tested accord. to EN 12352, class L8H, DM =200mm
Tested for wind load up to 85km/h
Full Colour Variable Message Signs according to EN 12966
Automatic hydraulic leveling system.
Remote control via Internet with our application VMS Fleet Control
CE Marked