Solar LED Aanstraalverlichting


Beam Lighting for Shipping Signs

Shipping signs, the visibility of which is also essential for the safety of shipping traffic at night, should be illuminated at night. The lighting must be such that there is an even light distribution and no dazzling occurs for shipping. The light intensity must be such that the signs are not illuminated and the symbols are clearly recognizable. During works in progress it is recommended to illuminate all shipping signs.

Traffic Safety Systems supplies Solar LED beam lighting that complies with the guidelines for shipping signs of Rijkswaterstaat. Because shipping signs are often placed in remote locations where there is often no fixed power connection, we supply complete solar sets of spotlights. These Solar sets consist of an aluminum housing with solar panel, battery, solar charge controller and a robust aluminum LED fixture. These Solar sets are available in 10, 20 and 50 watt versions. Depending on the size of the shipping sign, we supply a suitable LED spotlight.


  • 12 Volt
  • 10, 20 or 50 Watt Solar kit
  • mounting bracket for tube diameter 60 or 90 mm.
  • including AGM battery 25 or 45 Ah
  • autonomy more than 7 days without sun light
  • color temperature 5700 K (white)
  • illuminates surface up to 2 m2
  • LED fixture with adjustable bracket
Solar LED Beam Lighting 10 Watt
707,85 Incl. tax
Solar LED Beam Lighting 60 cm 50 Watt
1.379,40 Incl. tax
Solar LED Beam Lighting 100 cm 20 Watt
828,85 Incl. tax
LED Beam Lighting 100cm | Solar set 140 Watt
2.831,40 Incl. tax

Complete Solar set beam lighting


The beam lighting for shipping signs


More than 7 days of autonomy without sunlight


Robust LED beam lighting