Parking guidance systems


ParkHelp Parking Guidance Systems

ParkHelp is the global market leader in high-quality, smart and innovative parking solutions. With its own R&D department, we continuously work on the development of hardware and software to optimize and organize parking. With the widest range of parking guidance systems, ParkHelp always has a solution for every parking problem. From infrared, ultrasonic and camera-based sensors to cameras, counters, digital signage and effective software, ParkHelp Technologies is the source for the world's largest line of parking guidance systems. With the management of more than 500,000 parking spaces in 50 countries, we know what we are talking about. We can always solve your parking facility challenges.

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Ultrasonic parking system
  • 500.000 installed sensors
  • Striking parking guidance
  • Reliable and Sustainable
0,00 Incl. tax
Camera parking system
  • Detection till 6 parking spaces
  • Remote controlled Pan & Tilt cameras
  • Striking pilot led lights
0,00 Incl. tax
Dynamic Parking Route Signs
  • Customization
  • Durable construction
  • Striking information
0,00 Incl. tax
Parking System based on Wireless Sensors
  • LoRa communication
  • Double Detection Technology
  • More than 5 years of battery life
0,00 Incl. tax
Smart parking barrier
  • Parking management
  • Via Smartphone
  • Very robust
713,90 Incl. tax
Parklio Smart Gate
  • Control via smartphone
  • Share digital keys
  • Various lengths available
3.932,50 Incl. tax
Parklio Gateway
  • Easy Installation
  • Up to 20 parking barriers
  • Remote manage parking barriers
1.179,75 Incl. tax
Parklio automatic chain barrier
  • Manage parking
  • Smartphone control
  • Key sharing
0,00 Incl. tax
Parklio automatic retractable bollard
  • Manage parking
  • Smartphone control
  • Key sharing
0,00 Incl. tax