Buy Traffic Management? Working safely on the road

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of traffic equipment for safe road work. Every day we work hard on innovative and sustainable solutions to provide your road works with the highest quality materials, while keeping the safety of both road workers and road users in mind. The safe implementation of traffic measures according to the C.R.O.W. Work in Progress guidelines 96a and 96b starts with the use of durable and good quality road safety material.

Renewed publications Work in Progress

New CROW guidelines for traffic measures during road works. In the C.R.O.W. publication Specifications for material and equipment you will find all the necessary information about the equipment to be used, the materials to be used and the components with which the traffic measures during road works must be constructed. So that road workers can always work safely, road users are safe and good traffic flow is possible with minimal disruption, despite the road works. This applies to both motorways and roads outside and within built-up areas. View the white paper of the C.R.O.W below. about the updated publication Work in Progress

Whitepaper Vernieuwde Publicatie Werk in Uitvoering


Road deposition material conforming to C.R.O.W.

If road works are taking place, it is important that this is done in a safe manner. With us you will find a wide range of barrier materials for road barriers. Our sales materials are used daily to carry out road works safely. For example, consider traffic cones, pawns, barrier cones, action frames , Guide beacons, staff shields, barrier gates, road signs etc.

Quality and service

Traffic Safety Systems combines the best possible quality with the very best service. Is the product you are looking for not listed or do you need advice? Please feel free to contact us. We produce traffic materials / products completely custom and are happy to help you. You can always reach us via Livechat, by phone on 055 20 80 010 or send an email to [email protected]