Traffic Control Equipment Trailer


Quickly block off a road or setup a detour?

Rapid reactions when faced with calamities. Our made to measure Traffic Control Equipment Warning Trailers make all that possible. Traffic Safety Systems developed a special structure for the warning window enabling optimal usage of the loading area. This special construction can be operated manually (By use of gas springs) as well as electric hydraulically. This way, complete detours and road-blocks on secondairy roads and roads in build up areas, including all connection materials can be transported in one go. Your Traffic Equipment Trailer is also a sound investment when it comes to maintaining your costly road management materials. The layout of the Road Management Product Trailer is done in consultation with you. It is important that the trailer have to remain well balanced. Our trailers are of course tested and approved by all appropriate transport departments.
The way the Warning Trailers are devided up is decided in deliberation with the client. All materials are easy to remove from the Trailers as they are stored on a very low platform.

For more information about various types and options available don't hesitate to contact us. You can call Traffic Safety Systems any time at+31 55 20 80 010 or send an email to [email protected]

Traffic equipment trailer
  • Custom built
  • Acc. CROW
  • Complete roadblock
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