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Crash Cushion Leonidas 80 Parallel
Crash Cushion Leonidas 80 Parallel
Crash Cushion Leonidas 80 Parallel

Crash Cushion Leonidas 80 Parallel

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Leonidas Crash Cushion 80 Parallel

Thanks to an efficient patented energy absorption system consisting of special metal honeycomb panels, we deliver the best performing crash cushions. In the event of a collision, these honeycomb absorbing modules ensure an almost even absorption of the kinetic energy during the entire deformation of the crash cushion. This minimizes the risk of injury or worse. Leonidas crash cushions are delivered fully assembled, making installation quick and easy. We supply tailor-made connections to connect seamlessly to the guardrail. Thanks to the modular construction, damage can be repaired quickly and easily after a collision, often on site. Parts of this crash cushion are up to 80% reusable and 100% recyclable. This way, huge savings can be made on the costs of damage repair.

Tested according to EN1317

Naturally, the Leonidas 80 Parallel Crash Cushions have been fully and successfully tested in accordance with EN1317 and provided with CE Marking, which means that these crash cushions comply with the Construction Products Regulation EU/305/2011. They are also approved for installation on Rijkswaterstaat's acreage.

Easy management and maintenance

With NFC technology, we can easily map our installed traffic safety systems. An NFC Tag is mounted on every Crash Cusion. As soon as you hold a smartphone in front of the NFC Tag, the App will open automatically. Clear instructions are given step by step on how to install the crash cushion. At each step a photo and possibly a comment can be added. When all steps have been completed, the data, including the GPS position, will be centrally stored on our portal. All data about the placement, model, type and year of construction are then available via the Portal. After a collision, this information can be passed on to us, so that the damage can be repaired quickly and the road is safe again. An extensive manual is also available in the NFC Tag. The damage can be easily repaired via a step-by-step plan, with photos of the various parts.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Successfully tested for 80 km/h.
  • According to EN1317-3
  • Redirective
  • Completely made of steel (100% recyclable)
  • Easy to install
  • Reusable (up to 80%)
  • No maintenance required
  • High security
  • The shortest crash pad in the world
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Seamless connection to guard rail / guide rail
  • With CE Marking
  • Features NFC Technology for easy management and maintenance


Crash Cushion Leonidas 80PCrash Cushion Leonidas 80 P-L
Length    :   2870 mmLemgth   : 2870 mm
Width      :    850 mmWidth      : 1110 mm
Heigth     :    770 mmHeigth     :   770 mm


Best performance


Save lives


According EN1317




100% recyclable


Equipped with NFC Technology for easy management and maintenance

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