Road marking reflector Swareflex Metal Classic

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Swareflex Road marking reflector Swareflex Metal Classic
Swareflex Road marking reflector Swareflex Metal Classic
Swareflex Road marking reflector Swareflex Metal Classic
Swareflex Road marking reflector Swareflex Metal Classic
Metaal classic single side white
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Roadmarking Metal Classic

Strikingly Road Marking

SWAREFLEX road marking studs are ideal for making the road layout visible in darkness and poor weather; they can be heard and felt when they are driven over. Ribbing on the underside of the GLOBEMARKER strengthens the structure of the body and enables it to best spread pressure onto the substructure. It also increases adhesion when the markers are stuck down. The GLOBEMARKER product versions meet the light technology requirements of the EN 1463 standard.


  • Very durable plastic-bodied road marking studs for long-term use
  • Consistently high reflectivity values
  • Creates a “rumble effect” that can be heard and felt when driven over
  • Self-cleaning effect with rain and car tyres rolling over it
  • Ease of use and fitting, GLOBEMARKER also has recessed grips
    at the sides

Use the light that is already there!!

Road surface reflectors reflect (retro-reflect) the light from vehicles over great distances, enabling road users to see the course of the road. Road markings are often difficult to see in bad weather conditions and road surface reflectors help road users to stay within the markings. An additional advantage of road surface reflectors is that they can be clearly felt and heard when driving over, so that inattentive road users are "awakened". Road surface reflectors do not cause light pollution and are CO2 neutral. Road surface reflectors contribute to improving road safety. Swareflex is a household name in the field of road surface reflectors. These TOP Quality reflectors comply with the European Standard EN1463-1 and are provided with CE Marking.


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