Shipping sign C.5 - The fairway is some distance from the shore

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Shipping sign C.5 - The fairway is some distance from the shore
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Shipping Sign C.5 600 x 600 mm
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Shipping Sign BPR C.5

The fairway is some distance from the shore

The number on the board indicates in meters the distance that the ships must stay from the bank, counted from the board. The sign can be used on waterways, especially canals, where the use of buoys and / or beacons is not practical. The sign serves as a warning for shallows along banks, where landfills and the like can pose a danger to shipping. If the sign is used permanently, a traffic decision is required.

Our official shipping signs are produced from durable aluminum and provided with a double folded edge to reinforce the shipping sign. The double folded edge is also used for mounting the shipping sign to poles or light poles. For good night visibility, we provide the shipping signs with retro-reflective film class II or III. Our shipping signs are provided with CE marking

The shipping sign BPR C.5 is available in 4 different sizes, namely:

- 600 x 600 mm
- 1000 x 1000 mm
- 1400 x 1400 mm (2 parts)
- 2000 x 2000 mm (2 parts)

The shipping sign C.5 is executed in accordance with the guidelines for Traffic Signs Shipping (BPR), established by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

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