Skipper Q smart barrier system

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Skipper Q smart barrier system
Skipper Q smart barrier system
Skipper Q smart barrier system
Skipper Q smart barrier system
Skipper Q smart barrier system
Skipper Q smart barrier system
Skipper Q smart barrier system
  • Modular sales system

  • Sustainable materials

  • Very stable barrier posts

  • Various color combinations possible

Skipper Q braun post braun tape
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Skipper Q smart barrier system

A barrier system has never looked so beautiful and chic.
The current worldwide range of roll-up barrier systems has not changed for decades. That is why we have developed this new advanced barrier system for, among other things, queue management or security system. The new Q smart barrier system distinguishes itself from all other sales systems.

Design matters

The new Q barrier system has been redesigned from the ground up, with a beautiful design and the use of the best durable materials, allows for versatility not seen before in the retail/business environment. Discover the unlimited possibilities of the Skipper Q smart barrier system with various options with which we offer the most comprehensive solutions in the market. This makes it possible to put together this unique modular barrier system completely according to your wishes with various color combinations.

The ultimate disposal system for waste and safety management.

Skipper Q can be transformed into the ideal solution for waste and safety management by attaching our versatile modular attachments. As with all Skipper products, the multi-purpose design allows you to easily add waste bins, essential PPE dispensers, sanitizing brackets and more to create any ideal combination.

Skipper Q smart barrier system

The barrier tape retractors of the Skipper Q barrier system have a unique safe roll-up system that ensures that the barrier tape is always neatly and tightly rolled up, guaranteeing long-lasting operation. The barrier posts of this unique barrier system have a very stable base with a tilt angle of 40º. This means that the barrier posts are very stable and do not immediately fall over if someone unexpectedly bumps into them or something falls against them. Due to the tilt angle of 40º, this means that the barrier posts do not fall over, but return to their original position.

Skipper Q barrier system is the best system to manage waiting areas

The Skipper Q barrier system is the most flexible and durable queue release system for optimally managing waiting areas. Thanks to the modular system, for example, waste bags can be clicked onto the barrier posts at various strategic places in the queues. This prevents waste from being thrown on the ground. Information boards can also be easily mounted on the barrier posts, indicating, for example, the direction or the waiting time. Shortening or extending queues is done in no time at all. The barrier posts of the Q barrier system have four slots in the top in which the marking tape of other barrier posts can be quickly secured.


  • Provided with 3 meters of barrier tape
  • Durable scratch-free materials
  • Design features with multiple, glossy, satin and TPE rubber surface textures
  • Weight improvement by lowering the center of gravity, to prevent tipping
  • Safe, slow barrier tape retraction mechanisms
  • Modular attachments make transformation to safety stations easy
  • Multiple color options available for customization
  • Sleek stylish finish
  • Fully integrated system with information board holders and various wall bracket options
  • Fast installation time - no tools required
  • For indoor and outdoor use
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