Pre-Warning Solar LED Light 2 x 200 mm

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Pre-Warning Solar LED Light 2 x 200 mm
Pre-Warning Solar LED Light 2 x 200 mm
Pre-Warning Solar LED Light 2x 200 mm
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Pre-warning Solar LED Light

A pre-warning signal (VWS) is a traffic light that warns of dangerous situations such as approaching road works or when approaching a crossing or an open bridge. A pre-warning signal consists of one or two flashing lights, which flash continuously, and below that is a traffic sign indicating the danger. Warning lights are often used in combination with the road signs RVV J08 Dangerous intersection, RVV J15 Bridge Open, RVV J16 Work in progress, RVV J32 Approaching traffic lights. This warning light and the solar panel can be easily mounted on a mast with the supplied mounting brackets.
This warning light is very suitable for use in temporary road works. As soon as the cable from the solar panel is connected to the flashing light, it starts to flash.

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