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Emergency Gate - StarGate

Article code: 220363
Emergency Gate - StarGate
  • Easy and fast opening

  • Performance H2 according EN1317

  • CE-Marked

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Emergency Gate

A Calamity Cut-through or CADO is a place where the guide rail / crash barrier can be removed in order to make a cut-through through the central reservation to another road in the event of calamities or road works. Traffic can be easily diverted without having to use other roads. Calamity cut-outs generally only occur on motorways and dual carriageways or expressways, but they also exist between the main road and the parallel road. A CADO is often visible in the central reservation because the road surface of both carriageways continues. In addition, it can often be seen that guide rail / guardrail or barrier in the central reservation is often easy to disassemble or move.

This new Andromeda Calamity Crossing - CADO can be opened quickly and easily, allowing emergency vehicles to pass through quickly. The CADO can also be opened for rapid flow of traffic in the event of calamities or maintenance work.
The CADO in combination with the Andromeda guide rail has been successfully tested according to EN1317. This narrow, only 16 cm. wide, high performance class construction provides greater safety for both light and heavy passenger cars as well as for buses and trucks. With this durable narrow guide rail construction, we use considerably less steel, which means less impact on the environment. Thanks to the modular system, damaged parts can be quickly replaced. Unique to this construction is that it has been successfully tested with a length of 60 meters instead of the standard 80 meters without prejudice to the CE marking according to EN1317.

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