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Traffic Cone Management System

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Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
Traffic Cone Management System
  • Working safely according to ARBO standards

  • Only 1 person can do this work

  • Easy operation

  • Deposit system is vehicle independent

  • Place and pick up both left and right of the vehicle

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Traffic Cone Management Systems

Placing traffic cones at roadblocks is heavy and dangerous work. Pick & Place traffic cones fully automatically makes this work a lot lighter and safer. This can easily be done with our traffic cone pick & place machine by only 1 person. The driver only has to select the mutual distance of the cones and can start driving. The traffic cones are placed or picked up fully automatically. The use of our traffic cone pick & place machine contributes to healthy and safe working according to ARBO standards. The machine built on a push-off frame / skid fits most vehicles with an open bed. With a forklift, the traffic cone machine can be placed on the vehicle quickly and easily. The vehicle can therefore also be used for other purposes.

Traffic Cone machine in operation


Specifications Traffic Cone Machine

  • Warehouse for 225 Cones, enough for 5 km. deposition
  • Dimensions 3300 x 2080 x 3000 mm. (l x w x h)
  • Weight skid approx. 750 Kg. (excluding traffic cones)
  • Carload capacity approx. 1700 Kg.
  • Machine places approx. 6 cones per minute

Questions about pick & place traffic cones?

Do you have any questions about automatically placing and/or picking up traffic cones with our cone setting machine? Feel free to contact us for an appointment or demonstration or ask your questions via our live chat or via the contact form. We are always available and happy to help you.

Workzone Safety Vehicle

To put road workers at extra risk during the installation, maintenance and removal of roadblocks, there is a need for specific solutions to place and remove roadblocks as safely as possible. With a multifunctional safety vehicle (workzone safety vehicle), as many tasks as possible are combined and automated. The driver sits safely in the cab of his vehicle, which is secured with an impact attenuator and with which Rumble strips or Rumble mats and traffic cones are safely placed, moved or removed. Thanks to the RDW-certified towbar, which is mounted on the impact attenuator, it is also possible to take an arrow trailer with you. In this way, only one person can secure a complete highway workzone easily and safely. The use of our multifunctional workzone safety vehicle increases road safety and contributes to the healthy and safe construction of roadblocks in accordance with ARBO standards.


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