Traffic sign RVV A02-30ze - End maximum speed zone 30km/h

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Traffic sign RVV A02-30ze - End maximum speed zone 30km/h
Traffic sign RVV A02-30ze - End maximum speed zone 30km/h
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  • Ultimate Signing up to 15 years warranty

  • Durable aluminum 100% recyclable

  • Retroreflective class 1, 2 or 3

  • With double folded edge (DOR)

  • In accordance with NEN-EN12899-1: 2007 with CE

530x670mm (type 1)
Class 3 (15 years warranty)
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Official traffic sign RVV A02-30ze - End maximum speed zone 30 km / h

Official traffic sign RVV A02-30ze speed sign indicates the end of the maximum permitted speed 30 kilometers per hour in a zone. After passing this traffic sign end 30 km zone, the speed is no longer valid

Ultimate Signing ™ - TOP Quality

This Ultimate Signing ™ traffic sign 30 km is produced from a durable aluminum carrier that is provided with a high-quality retroreflective film as a durable display surface. We give a standard 24-month product warranty on these top quality traffic signs and a decreasing manufacturer's warranty up to 15 years (class 3) on the adhesion and operation of the reflective film.

The RVV A2-30ze end maximum speed zone 30 km traffic sign is available in different sizes (types):

530x670mm (type 1): Traffic sign for urban areas

800x1000mm (type 2): Traffic sign for outside built-up areas

Traffic sign end 30 km zone with double folded aluminium

The RVV A02-30ze traffic sign is provided with a double folded edge (DOR), which makes the sign extra reinforced. The front of the traffic sign is preserved in the color RAL 9016 traffic white and the back in the color RAL 7042 traffic gray. The traffic sign is also easy to place and attach to a post, mast, fence or wall. Recesses are made in the double-folded edge in which the bolts of the mounting brackets fit so that the traffic sign can be easily secured.

Speed sign end zone 30 km with reflective film

The A02-30ze traffic sign is provided with durable high-quality prismatic retro-reflective film class 1, 2 or 3. This reflective film has been specially developed for traffic signs and ensures optimal night visibility in all weather conditions and at all distances. More visible traffic signs ensure that up to 50% fewer nighttime accidents occur.

Traffic sign RVV A02-30ze in accordance with NEN-EN3381: 2020

The traffic signs are produced in accordance with the legal requirements with regard to strength, dimensions, color, image and retro-reflection and thus comply with the Dutch Standard NEN 3381 and the European Standard EN12899-1 and are provided with CE Marking.

Mounting material for traffic sign

Order mounting material directly to place your traffic sign. View the link below for all traffic sign posts and mounting brackets or order directly in the shopping cart.

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