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Monitoring System Geronimo

Article code: 220004
Monitoring System Geronimo
Monitoring System Geronimo
Monitoring System Geronimo
  • Makes collision investigation easy

  • Immediately warns the emergency services in the event of a collision

  • Simple quick assembly

  • Works completely independently on solar energy

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Monitoring system Geronimo

Monitoring system for crash cushions makes it easy to investigate the cause of a collision.

Geronimo is a monitoring system for crash cushions that immediately alerts the emergency services in the event of a collision and simultaneously records a video of the accident. The images can be viewed live immediately. Thanks to the high-resolution camera, razor-sharp images of the collision are made. With the registration, a perfect analysis can be made of the collision. For example, the speed of the vehicle and the impact (kinetic energy) are recorded. Thanks to the analysis and elaboration of this data, a strategy can be determined that will prevent future collisions. The monitoring system works completely autonomously on solar energy and can be easily and safely installed behind the crash cushion.

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