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Traffic Counter TSS25
Traffic Counter TSS25
Traffic Counter TSS25
Traffic Counter TSS25

Traffic Counter TSS25

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Traffic counter TSS25

Counting traffic via

Doing a simple and fast traffic survey? Rent or buy our traffic counters and analyze the data directly online via our portal Our advanced traffic counters are used for two-way traffic counting and vehicle classification. The internal memory stores the time, speed and length for each passing vehicle. The stored data can be viewed and analyzed directly online and, if desired, printed out in a CSV or Excel sheet. Each traffic counter can be provided with a name with corresponding GPS location. Via the portal, the parameters can be changed and a diagnosis can be made about the current battery voltage and temperature. The Traffic Counter is built into a weatherproof robust housing. Traffic counting has never been easier.

Technical data

  • Vehicle Classification:
    • up to 10 speed classes (software configurable)
    • several vehicle groups (software configurable)
  • Built-in radar:
    • 24.125 GHz / 5mW, Doppler
  • Speed ​​range:
    • 10 - 250 km/h
  • Communication ports:
    • serial RS232 for direct connection to PC or laptop
    • GSM/GPRS for remote data download (option)
  • Storage capacity:
    • Data storage: up to 300,000 vehicles
  • Power supply:
    • Built-in battery for 2 weeks of autonomous use
    • built-in charger for connection to 230VAC and automatic battery charging
  • Dimensions (h x w x d)
    • 400 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm, dimensions without clamps
  • Weight:
    • 9 kg without battery
    • 22 kg with battery
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    • from -25 to +60°C
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