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Glass road stud StarLUX 125
Glass road stud StarLUX 125
Glass road stud StarLUX 125
Glass road stud StarLUX 125

Glass road stud StarLUX 125

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Glass road stud StarLUX 100 White
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Glass road reflector StarLUX 125

Glass road stud reflectors application

360 degree tempered glass bulb reflectors are installed flush with the road surface for optimum traffic management. Not only are they clearly visible in darkness, but they also provide better visibility during the day. It also provides extra attention when road users drive over the glass convex road surface reflectors in, for example, redress lanes. Especially during poor visibility such as a setting sun or during heavy rain, glass road stud reflectors are more visible than standard road markers. This contributes significantly to increasing road safety. Examples of applications for glass road reflectors are; roundabouts, dark unlit roads, dangerous bends, crosswalks, center rails or parking lots, black spots. We supply glass road studs reflectors in 5 different colors; white, yellow, red, blue and green.

Glass road surface reflectors advantages

Our glass globe road reflectors retro-reflect 360 degrees so that they are clearly visible from any direction. Due to the high compressive strength of more than 60 tons, these glass sphere reflectors can be run over without any problems. The glass sphere reflectors survive the life of the asphalt with normal use, practice has amply proven this. They can also be driven over permanently. The surface is provided with anti-slip which prevents slipping. Our glass globe reflectors last up to 15x longer than plastic or aluminum road surface reflectors. The big advantage of the glass globe road reflectors is that they are self-cleaning. The dirt does not adhere to the glass and is automatically washed off by the rain.

Glass road surface reflector quality

Our glass sphere reflectors have been extensively tested for compressive strength and impact resistance. The compressive strength is tested with a pressure bench. With a constant increase in force, the glass sphere reflector is tested until the moment of failure. Our glass spherical road reflectors are produced with a compressive strength of more than 60 tons. Most glass bulb reflectors even have a compressive strength of 75 tons. This compressive strength is more than sufficient to drive over with the most heavy vehicles. In the Netherlands, the maximum permitted mass is 50 tons. After the glass bulb reflector has collapsed, no dangerously sharp glass parts remain, so that the road surface reflector is safe for the toughest conditions. In addition, our glass bulb reflectors have been successfully tested for impact resistance. This test is performed with a steel ball with a diameter of 50 mm and a mass of 0.51 kg. that falls on the glass sphere reflector from a height of 1.3 metres. No shards of glass or splinters may break off the road surface reflector. Our glass globe reflectors have also more than passed this test. Below is a photo of the tests performed.

Test Glass Globe Reflector Quality

Glass road reflector installation procedure

  1. Provide a safe workplace
  2. Drill hole diameter 100 mm 25 mm deep
  3. Remove asphalt or concrete from drilled hole
  4. Blow the recess thoroughly dry and clean
  5. Measure the depth of the recess carefully
  6. Use our two-component adhesive
  7. Place the glass road reflector in the recess
  8. Press the glass road stud firmly

ADVICE: For the best traffic management, it is important to keep the mutual distance between the glass convex road surface reflectors as much as possible. This creates a calm and clear course of the road.

Glass road reflector StarLUX 125 specifications

  • Height: 52mm
  • Height above ground level: 25mm
  • Diameter: 100mm
  • Weight: 540g
  • Tested to ≥60 tons
  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Non-slip surface
  • Retro-reflective silver coating
  • CE certified
  • Colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red
  • Packaging: 14kg/box, 24 pieces/box

Questions about glass road reflectors?

Do you have any questions about our StarLUX Glass Road Reflectors? We are happy to advise you when placing an order or about the placement of the glass road studs. If desired, Traffic Safety Systems can also arrange the installation of the glass road reflectors for you. Feel free to contact us or ask your questions via our live chat or via the contact form. We are always available and happy to help you.

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