Multi Wildlife Reflector

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Multi Wildlife Reflector
Multi Wildlife Reflector
Multi Wildlife Reflector
  • Reduces collisions with wildlife

  • Highly effective operation

  • No habituation effect


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Multi Wild Reflector

Prevent collisions with wildlife by placing this Multi Wildlife Reflector

Construction of the reflector

The upper part of the reflector is a semicircle. This part is covered with foil of the highest degree of reflection. Due to the round shape, a range of 180° degrees of reflection is created. The reflective film used provides an optimal result. Because of the strong reflection, humans and animals are warned.

The basic construction

The basic construction of the Multi Wild Reflector accommodates various functions. Everything is aimed at capturing as much light as possible and reflecting it as much as possible. Wild perceives the color blue most clearly in dark conditions. The color blue is visible in different shades but incorporated as a separate reflector in the whole.

Strong fragrance effect

In the upper part, behind the semicircular reflector, there is a sponge. You can soak this sponge in a concentrate that deters wildlife. This way, warnings are not only created by reflection, but also by smell. Depending on the circumstances, a reflection range of 180° degrees as well as an odor circle of 360° degrees is created. Maximum effect!

Moving light

The success of the reflector is based on a number of applications. Unlike existing systems, which use static light, each reflector contains about 156 micro prisms. Behind these micro prisms is a reflective surface for extra effect. These micro prisms scatter the light and scare wildlife not only from the alarming blue light but also from the movement. The reflection of the light attracts the attention of the wild. The movement of the light causes the game to belay and even flee. This way traffic can pass safely.

Alarming colors

The colors of the reflectors fall within the most visible light spectrum of the wild. To avoid habituation, alarming colors have been used for wildlife. Depending on the degree and angle of illumination, each color will be continuously variable perceptible. In addition, the reflectors are arranged in different order, so that no reflector reflects light in the same way.

Use of high-quality material

The use of high-quality material contributes greatly to the success of the game reflector. The plastics used are resistant to weather conditions as well as UV resistant. Due to its good quality, this material is already widely used by various car manufacturers, among others.

Easy to maintain

The success of reflection is greatest if the reflectors are properly maintained. All too often we see reflectors along the road that are covered with green deposits or have been knocked over. The disadvantage of the current reflectors is that they are difficult to maintain due to the shape. The Multi-Wildschut-Warner can withstand heavy cleaning and aggressive cleaning agents and is easy and quick to maintain due to its simple shape.

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