Swareflex Wildlife Mirror white/blue

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Swareflex Wildlife Mirror white/blue
  • Avoid accidents with Wildlife

  • No habituation effect

  • Reduces collisions by 70%

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Swareflex Wildlife Mirror white/blue

Avoid accidents with Swareflex white/blue Wildlife Mirrors


The headlight of an approaching vehicle forms a bright, optical warning fence in the new wild warning reflector, which is deflected 90° in the middle and spreads out radially. The Wild is disturbed by the light reflections far in front of the road and flees in the opposite direction of the light beam. If no vehicles pass, wildlife can safely cross the road.

The Swareflex wild-warning reflector does not throw back the light like normal reflector poles or reflective tape, but deflects a light beam away from the road at an angle of exactly 90°. This beam of light creates an optical warning fence that warns wildlife in time and is intended to prevent them from crossing the road. The changing light of the vehicles creates a constantly changing optical warning fence, causing the Wildlife to stand still or flee into the forest.

Habituation effect?

On the basis of present experience there is no danger of habituation as, on the one hand, the color blue will always remain strange tot he animal, signifying danger, and on the other hand there are new generations growing up all the time (the average life expectancy of roe deer, for example, is about 3 years as o lot of them will be shot while being young).

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